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This is one of the easiest recipes in my arsenal and the fall-time favorite my kids ask for all year round! My white-bean + turkey chili is comfort food to the max and can be made with ingredients you probably have on hand already!

Scroll to the bottom for the printable recipe. To watch this recipe in action check out my youtube video.

Chili will forever remind me of our Friday night tradition growing up. Friday night was “dad’s night” to cook dinner for us and his choice was always a big bowl of canned chili over rice with shredded cheese on top. We’d get the rice cooker out and his favorite “chili pot” to heat up the cans of beany, meaty goodness.

When the meal was served, we’d sit down to an old movie and enjoy our little weekly tradition. Years later it’s still one of his favorite foods and this protein-packed one-pot homemade version is one of mine!


It starts with one whole onion diced and sautéed in a heavy-bottom dutch oven on medium-high heat. We saved up and splurged on THIS enameled dutch oven for Christmas last year but we’ve also had a great experience with THIS more affordable option too!

Next I’m going to add in 2 cans of diced green chiles and 2 lbs of ground turkey (or any ground meat of choice) and brown until cooked through.

At this point I add in the beans. To make this fruit a little less “musical” (if ya get my drift) I like to soak dry beans for at least 24 hours or thoroughly strain and rinse canned beans (if I want a quicker option.)

My favorite “white” bean options are great northern beans which are a lighter version of pinto beans and cannellini beans which are white kidney beans. But any beans that you prefer will do!

Time for some seasoning! I keep it simple by adding paprika, tomato powdered bouillon (any bouillon will work but my favorite is the tomato kind) and some good ol salt and pepper. Because I’m a “dump cook” I just season everything to taste (which is another reason why I make sure the meat is thoroughly cooked before adding more to the recipe so I can take tastes along the way!)

Now for the easy part! Turn the stovetop down to low, pop the lid on, and let it simmer until you’re ready to partake! I usually assemble this one-pot dish in the morning and have it simmer until dinner time but it can be ready in as little as 20 minutes of simmering if you’re in more of a rush! As with most soups, stews and chilis, the longer it simmers the better (and it’s even yummier the next day as leftovers!)

I like to stick with nostalgia and serve over rice, but this would be great by itself or topping any starchy side of choice! I sometimes like to add a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of chives from my garden or some shredded cheese like my dad does!

Cheers to Friday nights, a cozy bowl of chili and black and white movies! What’s your favorite old flick? Let me know in the comments below!


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