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Today I’m sharing with you one of our family’s favorite one-pot recipes! These creamy meatballs require only a few easy ingredients and minimal prep. It’s a dump-and-go sort of meal perfect for when you’re running low on your weekly groceries or feel like a hearty, comforting dish.

This recipe can be customized to suit your dietary needs or accommodate what you have left in your pantry. Feel free to make it your own. I’ve thrown in random sautéed veggies hanging out in my fridge that would otherwise get wilted and tossed into the compost or thrown in Italian sausage when I haven’t had any meatballs available.

Scroll to the bottom for the full list of ingredients and printable version of this recipe!

The full video for the recipe can be viewed here.


In a slow cooker set to low, combine everything except meatballs and whisk until well mixed.

Add in the frozen meatballs and mix in to fully coat them in cream sauce. Keep on low setting and cook for 2-4 hours. If using fresh or raw meatballs, be sure to cook them to the proper internal temp for their specific meat.

Eat like stew or serve with rice, pasta, broccoli or any starchy side of choice!


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1 Comment

Oct 12, 2022

This is so so yummy!! My kiddos devoured it, we even had extra so will be great for lunch tomorrow! Thanks so much!!

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