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My kitchen is the #1 place I like to have simplicity and function in my home. I’m not someone who has every gadget and gizmo out there (sorry, Ariel) but when I DO find something that works for me, you know I’ll put it into my list of favorites!

In this post, I’m sharing with you the list of those items that have stood the test of time in my kitchen. I have quite the mix of categories in this post, but I’ve broken it down to help you find exactly what you’re looking for! You’ll find everything from our basic pots and pans to the features and hardware we built into our new kitchen during the big remodel.

To see the kitchen in action, you can check out this playlist on my youtube channel which includes our remodel process as well as some cooking I do in the space. Want some recipes? Check out some of my favorites here!

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Affiliate links help me continue to put out fresh and free content for you to enjoy. Thanks for the support! Nothing in this post was gifted nor sponsored by any brand or agency.

2ND DISCLAIMER: Current prices of these items are not necessarily what I paid for them. Many items were purchased 2nd hand or at a time when the current inflation surge hadn’t affected them yet.



I think I definitely buck the trend of having every little thing organized into tidy bins or decanted into containers. It just doesn't work for my brain or our season of life with our family! I just have a couple of things that I do use and they're listed here:



Small Appliances:

We completely gutted and remodeled the kitchen in our fixer upper this year and we LOVE the appliances and features/hardware we installed! The next links are the details for those of you who are curious! If you'd like to watch the transformation here's the link to the playlist on my YouTube channel!

Large Appliances:

Installations & Hardware



Cabinets: Medallion Cabinetry

Light Color “Chai Latte” but closest paint sample I’ve found is “wintersweet grey” by Sherwin Williams

Dark Color: “French Roast” which is a medium-toned neutral walnut stain.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sandra Gibbs
Sandra Gibbs
Jan 10, 2023

Cool. Where did you get your gold silverware from?


Indya Viera
Indya Viera
Oct 05, 2022

Do you keep your butter keeper on the counter or in the fridge? Does it stay fresh, and not get that oily sheen when butter is left out for too long?

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