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A list of my current favorite items I order from Amazon.

I've split this list into two categories: personal (bath, beauty or hygiene items/products) and household (furniture, kitchen, cleaning etc) All of these items or products are tried and true in my collection... no whiz-bang new gadgets that I have yet to test. Everything linked is something I would purchase again (many I have!)

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Affiliate links help me continue to put out fresh and free content for you to enjoy. Nothing here was gifted to me nor sponsored by any brands featured. Thanks for the support!


The most amazing face toner/exfoliant. Literally TRANSFORMED my skin!

The face cream I've used for 3 years and nothing compares.

Starter Kit For At-Home Gel Nails. I've saved so much $$$ doing them at home!

Teeth whitening I use. DOESN'T cause sensitivity!

My favorite shampoo ever of all time the end.

The best flat iron ever and worth the splurge!

Ditto on this curling iron.


Shark Vacuum: I'm obsessed. Best. Vacuum. Ever. And so versatile!

Spin mop that doesn't give you dirty water.

E-Cloths: just add water. Thank me later.

Our bed frame/headboard combo. Such a good deal! Great quality and easy assembly!

The most amazing nonstick pans. 4 years going strong with these!

Living Room Rug: the thing I've been asked about the most in our home!

Revive Essential Oils: non-MLM, 3rd party GC/MS tested and so affordable!

Crockpot with dial instead of digital. This is one like my grandma had.

Knives we've had for 5+ years and still going strong!

Love and Hibiscus Everything,

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