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Cardamom Creme Cold Brew

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

In a world of pumpkin spice everything, let me introduce you to your new favorite fall flavor-- Cardamom. Spicy and sweet with a herbaceous finish, this spice pairs well with coffee and creamy vanilla!

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Let’s start by going over my cold brew process!

This at-home cold brew coffee couldn’t be easier thanks to this cold brew coffee maker I got off of Amazon, it’s pretty inexpensive and it’s on-sale for Prime Day. Honestly, it pays for itself with how much I save by not going through the drive-through to get cold brew or not even buying the grocery store jugs of cold brew to bring home.

... And it is a cinch to make! I just put one cup of coarsely-ground beans into the strainer/infuser part of this cold brew coffee maker. Cover that with cold water from the tap or our Berkey water filter. The cold water is the key here, because unlike when you brew coffee with hot or warm water, the cold water really takes out much of the acidity and bitterness resulting a strong, smooth flavor and mouthfeel.

Just be careful because cold brew is known to have a bit more caffeine in it. After I’ve saturated those beans and put enough water into the cold brew coffee maker I’ll screw the lid back on and pop it into the fridge. Now we have cold brew coffee on tap the rest of the week!

Once the cold brew has been in the fridge for 24 hours, it is time to begin making the cardamom cream; the ingredients and steps are super simple! In my little milk pitcher I have some half-and-half (you can use any plant-based milk substitute that you prefer, coconut cream would be a good alternative for this), and I am going to put three drops of cardamom extract in it for the two servings that I’m making. This is one of those “flavor-to-taste” situations, and that is the perfect strength when I make this drink for myself and my husband. I think the flavor that goes the best with cardamom is fresh vanilla. You could use vanilla extract, I happen to have vanilla pods on-hand from my vanilla extract, so I’m just going to scrape these a bit to get that pulp out and then add it to the cream.

To sweeten the cream I’m going to add a few drops of liquid stevia. You could use honey, sugar, or whatever sort of sweetener that you like; but Stevia is our sweetener of choice. Next, I’m just going to go in with my little electric milk frother wand to get this nice and foamy.

I recently upgraded our milk frother to this one with a rechargeable base; I don’t have to switch out batteries anymore!

Once the cream is nice and frothy, with that thicker cold-foam texture, it is ready to go! I love to see the little pieces of vanilla bean swirling around as I make this, and the smell of that cardamom extract is just so good!

After filling up the cups with my homemade cold brew and ice, now it's time to pour that beautiful cardamom + vanilla bean cold foam on top!

This is honestly one of my favorite coffee recipes I’ve ever made, it’s just so good and has such an interesting, unique flavoring to it for the autumn season. After making the cold brew for the week, all I have to do daily is whip-up some of the cold foam and I’m good to go!

What are some of your favorite flavors of the season? Have you ever tried cardamom in a sweet drink? Let me know in the comments!

Love and Hibiscus Everything,

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